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Here are some links for finding music, accessories, cases, or a local luthier for instrument/bow repair.
For sheet music, I highly recommend Shar Products Co.  They also sell cases, strings, and other accessories.  They ship music quickly and have reasonable prices.
Chris Quinn sells accessories for stringed instruments and always has very good prices on strings.  He also is a nice guy and is helpful over the phone!
This is an excellent site for a whole bunch of info on the cello.  They sell cases, strings, etc., but also have some great articles, especially for people new to the cello--where to rent from, etc.
Also called the "Internet Cello Society," this place is great for info on the cello.  There is a newsletter one can read online, and also a great bulletin board called
Cello Chat which is very active and very informative about all sorts of cello related (and some NOT cello related, but still fun!) stuff.
Local Luthiers
I'm only listing luthiers which I have found to be excellent in their craft, and also gracious to work with.
Givens Violins
Claire is a businesswoman who knows her field very well.  Her shop is very well known and located in Minneapolis.  I have brought my cello to the shop at Givens more than once and been happy with all work done, including bow rehairs, which can be done very quickly (a day turn-around) if you call ahead and make an appointment.
Carl Becker & Son
Jennifer Becker is well known for her instrument adjustments and helping people to sound the best on their instrument.  I have found everyone at this shop very nice to work with.
John Waddle
John's shop is located in St. Paul.  John's gentle personality and careful craftsmanship are always a welcome for me and my instrument.




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